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Poland wins IBCA 1st European team championship

From 24th of July till 1st of august the 1st IBCA European team championship was played at the Conference and Education Center in Warsaw, Poland. 12 Countries (13 teams) where playing in this 1st championship.

This tournament was organized by IBCA and Cross. The conditions in the playing hall where excellent for good chess. There where many close encounters but also some heavy defeats , since in a 9 round swiss tournament with just 13 teams the top teams will have to play the lower ranked teams at one stage.
Poland won the tournament with a round to spare. Ukraine got silver and Russia got bronze.

Individual board prices where there for:
1st board: Marcin Tazbir
2nd board: Yuri Meshkov
3rd board: Adam Czajkowski
4th board: Evgeniy Suslov

Final standings
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IBCA would like to thank: Cross association , all volunteers and all the players, guides and coaches.
Sergio Harnandan