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42nd Italian Chanpionship for blind players

The Italian Blind Chess Association (ASCI) organized, from July 26th to August 1st 2014, the 42nd Italian Chess Championship for blind and visually impaired players. Venue for the Championship was the Ritz Hotel, a nice and welcoming hotel in front of the renoned beach of Senigallia, a beautiful town near Ancona, on the Adriatic Sea.

From a combative pool of 22 players (2 women), came out, first time Champion, Claudio Gasperoni, from Viterbo, after a great performance (6 points over 7 games, +5 =2). Second was Mauro Fratini (MC) and third Marco Casadei (FC). Bersan Vrioni, last year's champion, came out on the fourth place. During the championship an exhibition was held in the town center, where two players from the tournament played a so called "blindfolded" game without touching (nor seeing) the board. All players, with friends and relatives, were very happy with the warm welcome and help they received at the Ritz Hotel. So they asked us, the Organizers, to keep it in mind when organizing new events.

Final standings
141NGASPERONI Claudio185520836.027.530.51774.0
22CMFRATINI Mauro190519255.527.531.01694.6
351NCASADEI Marco178218685.526.028.01638.1
431NVRIONI Bersan188418044.527.530.01701.9
511NBADANO Giancarlo194018204.527.030.01718.3
671NPUGLIESE Giuseppe174117394.025.026.01688.6
79CMMURGIA Stefano170716984.024.524.51648.3
8112NDAMIANI Lorenzo156016724.023.526.51621.7
9213NSOMMADOSSI Roberto136716604.022.525.01610.4
1081NPAPA Pasquale171116393.525.028.01638.7
1161NMELLE Ezio176014923.523.524.51491.7
12102NAVANZI Gioni161415723.523.025.51571.9
13133NMARINO' Giuseppe146615553.521.521.51555.0
14123NZAVAN Fabrizio149214943.518.018.01493.9
1515NCMANTELLI Luca144015813.026.529.51631.3
1619NCCOSSALTER Maurizio138315753.023.526.01624.9
1717NCBRUNETTI Emilio142814683.018.018.01517.6
1822NCGAMBA Annamaria136214173.018.018.01466.9
1914NCZENINI Simone145514072.520.521.51509.0
2016NCUGENTI ANTONIO144013152.019.019.01473.0
2118NCCICIARELLO Federico138311991.018.018.01508.1
2220NCTRAPLETTI Cosetta13716680.019.020.01468.3

We thank the whole group, with players, friends and relatives, and we are deeply grateful to our first time arbiter, Nazzareno Armandi. Hoping to meet them again on 2015, at the 43rd Championship, we send all of them our warmest arrivederci!

Claudio Gasperoni, President of A.S.C.I.