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Menno Pietersma wins the 9th Open Dutch Championship NSVG 2014

From 20 untill 23th February 2014 were organized the 9th Nunspeet.The players from different countries played in three groups ranked by rating six rounds. Menno Pietersma wins the A Group with a hundred procent score (6 by 6). Number two is Dennis Flohr with four points. The best NSVG-player is Rick van Loy on the third place with also four points. In the B Group is Pieter Couwenberg the number one with five points. Ron Snoek is number two with 4,5 points. In the C Group wins the youngest player of this tournament Yannick te Pest with 5,5 points before Bertus Groot with 4,5 points.

De jubilary edition of the 10th Open Dutch Championship of the NSVG in O.N.K. is from 26th February until 1th March 2015.
Dutch tournament report by Alex van Lanen
(Bastiaan Gramser)