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France wins 6 nation tournament in Oostende

From Thursday the 12th (arrival day) until Monday the 16th (departure day) the 6 nation tournament was held at hotel de Kinkhoorn in the Belgium coastal town of Oostende. Countries that played in teams of 4 players (and some had a reserve player),where Belgium, France, Great-BrittainNetherlands. Because Switzerland was not playing this year, Belgium, the home nation, played with 2 teams. Games where Friday morning, Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, Sunday morning, Sunday afternoon. At Saturday afternoon the Belgium organizers organized a tour in the town of Oostende.

The tournament was very exciting till the end. At the last round France and Germany where battling for first place, Belgium 1 and Great-Britain for third place and the Netherlands and Belgium 2 for 5th place. Especially the battle for first place was very interesting. The France needed a win against Germany, and an early 2-0 lead, but with still 2 boards playing Germany still had chances to win the tournament. Adrien Hervais claimed a draw for a 3-fold repetition against Olaf Dobierzin and thereby securing the win for the French team. At the closing ceremony there where nice trophy's for France, Germany and Great-Britain.

Final standings
4Belgium 149.5
6Belgium 202

Detailed results are here at the NSVG (Dutch braille chess association) website. (Sergio Harnandan)