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FIDE (Federation Internationale Des Echecs) is the apex body for chess amongst the sighted. Similarly the International Braille Chess Association (IBCA) is the apex body of chess for the blind and visually impaired and is in turn affiliated to FIDE. The main purpose of IBCA is to promote chess for the blind and visually impaired across the globe. Now, it has grown to such an extent that it has about 60 member countries starting from Europe to Africa, Latin - America and Asia.


An important information from Daniel Morelli (Argentina). Due to the financial crisis in Argentina the Youth World Championship for the blind and visually impaired which was planned in San Luis for July 2015 had to be canceled. Our Argentian chessfriends are very sorry for the inconvience and ask for our understanding. On behalf of IBCA I feel very sorry for them knowing that they have been working very hard for this event.
Ludwig Beutelhoff, President IBCA

Forthcoming Tournaments

1) European Championship 2015 France